Summer time and a visitor

17 Jun

Hello all, it has been some time since that last posting and I am sorry that I have been out of contact with our website.

Many of you have noticed that we as a congregation are moving in new directions.  We have begun the process of hiring a new office staff person and a new organist.  We also have changed the time of worship for the summer time to 10 o’clock.  There are other changes going on as well, but what I really wanted to share with you is a new visitor we have had.  His name is Paul and his desire is to travel with you this summer.  He was all alone in the church pew where I found him recently and he shared that he feels a little neglected.  His hope as it has been for almost two thousand years is to keep the local church connected and living out the truth of Jesus, which is to make disciples or “interns” who teach, preach and heal much as Jesus did when He lived amongst us as Immanuel. So as you head out on an adventure this summer, whether to the market or across the globe make sure to take “Paul” with you and document the journey.  We would love to see where you both have been and what you have been up to.  You can pin it the church’s facebook page so that others can se too.

Let’s have  great summer and remember that God goes with us.  Peace,



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